System Outage

Received another system outage notice a little while ago. Good thing too, now I know that some system that I don’t use is down for an undetermined time. Usually when I get an outage notice it related a system that runs behind whatever application it is that I actually use. So the outages never really mean anything to me until I try to use said application. With that, should I reply to all asking to be removed from the distribution list? Before you cringe let me add that that was sarcasm. Why the hell do people do that. A system goes down and some dumbass replies to practically the entire corporation, that they wish to be removed from the distribution list. This only starts a flood of other people replying to all that they also wish to be removed. Then you get the people that reply to all asking that people stop replying to all. In my opinion the solution is, if you reply to all to any mass email, no matter how good your intentions are, you should automatically get all email privileges removed, no questions asked.

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