It’s Friday!

Thank God it’s Friday! Man I love Fridays. I wish everyday was Friday. It’s Friday and that’s a good thing. Okay, I get it, it’s freak’n Friday already, it happens once a week, usually 4 times a month, 52 times a year. I’m only trying to be polite in passing with a “How are you” and I get any one of the previous mentioned phrases in response. If it’s Thursday you will most likely get the “I’m good because tomorrow’s Friday” response. What is so great about Friday other then the fact that it is the start of the weekend? Sadly, I guess for most people, the start of the weekend is all they have to look forward to. If the rest of the days of the week suck so much then I would suggest doing something else with them. Oh and the people that say “I wish everyday was Friday” are plain stupid because wouldn’t that just defeat the purpose? If everyday were Friday then you would have to work everyday, everyday would be a weekday, no Saturdays or Sundays! No weekends…

I have a suggestion to anyone that feels the same way I do. Next time you ask someone how they are and the reply with any of the “I’m so glad it’s Friday” responses, simply say back to them, “Only two days to Monday”. I have been responding with this for some time and it always seems to suck the glint of happiness from their eye when they realize I’m right.
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