Why the hell do we ask each other “how are you” “im super thanks for asking” “great” “great” “how are you?” “great” “great” “well great then I’ll have another meaningless conversation with you same time and place tomorrow in our meaningless lives?” “sure!” “Okay great HAVE A GOOD ONE!!” “YOU TOO!!”.

Conversation with self upon ending meaningless conversation with idiot co-worker:
God damn my life sucks Ive had that same conversation with the same idiot (or not who knows what their name is) every day for the past 10 yrs of my life. OH ARE THOSE DONUTS FROM THIS MORNING?? SwEEt, no need to buy dinner tonight, now I can eat out for lunch tomorrow b/c I saved money tonight!!! Uh, what was I just thinking about a minute ago… oh yeah, i hate my life …. AHH SWEET BEAR CLAWS!! Anyway, something about living… life… LIVE STRONG that must be it! Nope, I already have 3 of those bracelets… hmmmmmmmm… damn. oh well, must not have been important b/c I couldnt remember, somethin tells me I’ll think about it again tomorrow….. MAN WHAT A GREAT DAY.
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